Monday, February 8, 2010

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Text Reading

Online Reading
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Blog Post #2
Read this post: from a journalism student at NYU. Write a post on your blog with your thoughts and reaction to this student's post.

(and you don't have to read this part if you don't want to -- but here's what happened after Alana wrote that post.)

Project #1 (Web site / blog)
You should have a fully customized and complete website/blog on your account by the begining of class.

In addition to the customization steps assigned last week, your site should have the following things done:

As we discussed tonight, your website will have the following items:

1) About you -- This functions as the thesis of your site. This page should be a quick overview of you and what they can learn on your site. It's like a mini-cover letter and/or elevator speech. There should be at least one professional photo of you either on this page or in the sidebar for all pages.

2) Resume -- If you don't currently have a resume and don't know what you should include, you can find out here here or elsewhere on the web. Remember that this information will be on the internet. Don't feel that you have to disclose any personal information in your resume that you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing with the world (like your phone, address, etc). However, you do need a way for people or potential employers to contact you on the site (such as an email address). Also remember that your references may not like having their private contact info shared on the web either.

Your resume can either be a page by itself or posted as a PDF linked from the About page

3) Portfolio -- This page may be kind of sparse right now. If you have any work from previous classes, you can put it here. But EVERYONE should list at least one thing here: the blog itself.

We will be adding things to this page as the semester progresses.

4) Additional pages as you find necessary (optional)


Remember that there needs to be a clear navigation structure across the site so users don't wind up on a dead end page. You should be able to go between any two pages on your site with just one click. Also there should be a consistent look (colors, fonts, layout, etc) across all the pages.

Your syllabus says that the website project will be worth 100 points. Those 100 points will awarded on the following criteria:
10pts - Does the student have a functioning live website / blog with the minimum requirements above?
30pts - Navigation: Is the website easy to maneuver? Do all the links work?
30pts - Design: Is the site pleasing to the eye? Does it have a professional look?
30pts - Content: Is the content on the site complete? Does it make sense? This includes grammar, spelling, etc.