Monday, February 1, 2010

for Feb 8

Text Reading
Chapter 3 (Foust)

Online Reading

Blog Customization
You should have the following things done to your blog. I have listed them below by the menu item in your dashboard. You may have done some of these in class before you left Monday night.
Under "edit", delete the "hello world" post.
Under "add new", post the blog post you emailed to me the first night of class
Under "categories", change Uncatagorized to Jour232 (or something similar). You'll file all the blog posts I assign you under this category. You can also create other categoreies as needed, if you want.

Under "edit", delete the wordpress links.
Under "add new", add some links (at least 2 or 3 -- more if you want) in your specialization that you think would benefit your readers.

(OPTIONAL) Under "themes", activate another theme to change the way your blog looks.

Under "authors and users", edit yourself so that your posts are written by "FirstName Last Name" rather than your blog username

Under "General", change your blog's title and tagline to something appropriate. Change the time zone to UTC -6

(OPTIONAL)Under "Discussion" and "Privacy", change your settings to whatever level of security you would like.

email me ( the address of your blog ( so I can give you a grade this week (and the rest of the semester)