Monday, May 3, 2010

this is it

Last Blog Post
Your first blog posts back in Jan/Feb dealt with your impressions of online journalism and the technical side of journalism and publishing. There was also a prompt about what you expected to get out of this class. Go back in your archives and read those posts.
Write a blog post about how and why your impressions have (or have not) changed and why. Did you get what you expected out of this class?

Final Exam
is this Monday night.

Study the answers for Quiz#1 and Quiz#2 as some of that material will reappear in addition to new material we've covered since the last quiz.

While this is an overview of most of the items that are on the test, remember that all your class notes from lecture and assigned reading (both online and text) are fair game for the final.

But specifically, if I were you, I would know:
--basics of html
--new methods of news delivery (rss, podcasting, widgets, etc)
--libel/slander, obscenity/indecency, and online ethics
--blogs and journalism
--basics of photoshop and indesign
--ways to make money from a news site and online ad formats
--Social Networking and news
--Principles of effective web and print design
--You should have an idea of "the big picture" of how all this technology affects journalism and the end news consumer