Monday, April 19, 2010

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Project #5 (video)
The video project is due at the start of class on May-03. You should have your video posted (using a YouTube embed) your website's portfolio page.

Use the equipment and video editing software we have learned in class to create a show that is around 3 minutes long. (2:30 would be too short -- 4 minutes would be too long)

This project is worth 100pts. Those points will be assigned on the following criteria in addition to the instructions above and the style/design elements that we've discussed in class:
1) Can I click play on a player on your page and watch a video or photoshow?
2) The show should tell a story or make a point and not just be a bunch of random shots.
3) There should be some production value to the piece. The visuals are clear. The audio is clear and understandable. The editing looks sharp.

Do you have the equipment needed to do this project? If not, you can visit or visit the journalism multimedia center to check out video cameras and other equipment.