Monday, March 15, 2010

for mar22

Text Reading
Read Chapter 11

Online Reading
--Read pages 16-40 of

Blog Post #5
There are so many ways to "get" news now -- on your mobile phone, through an RSS feed, etc. Do you think most of the audience is ready and/or using these types of technologies? How do you think people will get news in 10 or 15 years? Will it be through a standard desktop computer -- or through some other type of technology?

Project #3 (Print Poster)
Design a poster for an event using Photoshop / InDesign / and design principles we've discussed in class.

Ideally, you should choose an event / organization that could use your work so that you're getting something useful out of the project. Clubs, greek orgs, churches, or other organizations that you're a member of would be good possibilities. If you can't come up with an event that you're involved with, you can select one at random from

The poster should include at least three elements:
  1. at least one eyecatching graphic/photo
  2. a good headline
  3. compelling body copy
It will be minimally sized at 51 picas x 66 picas (can be larger if you prefer) with a full bleed.

Your syllabus says that the poster project will be worth 100 points. Those 100 points will awarded on the following criteria:
10pts - Project completed on time, on spec
15pts - Use of good design principles (balance, structure, organization, etc)
15pts - Use of good design aesthetics (color, typography, etc)
30pts - Message Communication (can I understand what the event is about and does the poster make me want to come?)
30pts - General creativity

You should post a PDF of the project to your portfolio page on your web site and you should turn in a hard copy printout of the poster. Both these are due at the beginning of class on 3/29.