Monday, March 29, 2010

for Apr5

Text Reading
Chapter 9

Online Reading
Read Chapter 4 (pgs 41-51) of
If you're not familiar with Excel, work your way through the links in this:

Blog Post #7
Remember you subscribed to several RSS feeds in your Google reader? Take a look at the blog posts, articles, etc that have come into your reader, pick one, and react to it on your blog. Remember to reference the original with a link so I (and your other readers) can get a clue of what you're talking about.
Remember you need to start shaping a focus for your blog that relates to your personal brand. If you're a PR person, you should post about PR related things. Ad people should talk about advertising. Photo people about photos, etc.
If you can't find anything in your Google Reader, you can scout around for something in the right hand sidebar of this blog under the heading "Dig a little deeper"

Project #4 (podcast)
The podcast project is due by the start of class on April 19.

Use GarageBand, Audacity, or other audio editor to create a podcast. Since you are unable to upload audio to your blog, use your podcast as an audio cast in a video/photo slideshow that you upload to YouTube. (Images can either be pics or title card)
Embed the YouTube video into a blog post and also include it on your web site's portfolio page.

(Optionally, you can also upload the podcast to iTunes using GarageBand.)

Remember, as we discussed in class, that it should be more than just a link. There should be some sort of outline / synopisis text of what the podcast is about that makes the user want to click to listen.

You should be the host/narrator/reporter for the podcast. The subject of the podcast is up to you.
As indictated on the syllabus, this project is worth 100pts. Those points will be assigned on the following criteria:
1) Can I click a link on the portfolio page on your website (or blog post) and listen to a functioning audio file?
2) Is there some "production value" to the podcast? Is it just 3 minutes of your voice or are there other elements (music, interviews, co-hosts, etc) to make it sound bigger and better?
3) Audio quality - Does it sound like you recorded it in a metal can in a loud bar on a cell phone -- or is the audio clear and the content listenable?
4) Is it 2-3 minutes long? Does it have a point? Is it entertaining/informative?

Need audio equipment? ---> or use Journalism checkout.